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Aves, 17/3-4 | 1980 | 72-86

  Censuses of the Sand Martin (Riparia riparia) i Brabant in 1972-1973 and 1980.
De Wavrin, H.

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Article summary

In 1972 and 1973 almost all the Sand Martins breeding in the Southern half of Belgium have been counted. As about a quarter of that population was found in Brabant, another census was carried out in this region in 1980. All the old colonies were checked and new ones were searched for. This survey resulted in the finding of 38 colonies, totalizing 5.934 nest holes, occupied by more or less 2.567 pairs. Seventeen nex colonies have been found, which compensate for the 14 ones that have been abandoned. They are located in the Southern periphery of Brussels where the number of sand pits is seriously decreasing. The number of pairs recorded has increased by 66 %, while the number of nest holes has increased buy 9 % only. In some areas, the increase is essentially due to the fact that old colonies have grown bigger and that the rate of hole occupation has became higher. In other areas the increase is mainly due to the discovery of new colonies, where the number of pairs and the occupation rate is lower. There is no reliable explanation of this increase.

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