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Aves, 18/1-2 | 1981 | 1-9

  Protection and fragility of the Babor forest, home of the kabylian Nuthach (Sitta ledanti).
Ledant, J.P.

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Article summary

Numbering only a few dozen pairs, the kabylian Nuthach is threatened with extinction by loss of habitat. The Babor forest suffered from fires during algerian liberation war, and now its degradation even tends to accelerate as the pressure from cattle grazing and wood cutting increases along with the shrinking of the forest. Moreover, soil erosion makes its change irreversible. To exploit the forest is a necessity for people living on its borders, who are at the same time agents and victims of the ensuing deforestation. The creation of a national park is now contemplated. This will allow the implementation of conservation measures while taking into account social and economic constraints. The park however, will attract visitors and be cause of new dangers, notably that of forest fire. The projected measures are reviewed.

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