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Aves, 18/1-2 | 1981 | 10-30

  The Hooded Crow (Corvus corone cornix) in Brabant and in the French-speaking part of Belgium.
Van Der Elst, D.

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Article summary

The Hooded Crow has never been abundant in the Walloon region. It decreased during the forties and even disappeared from some times. From 1965 and the year after, it seems to make a come back and has been present each year in variable and small numbers (4 to 32 ex.). There is no evidence of a decreasing trend. The regular wintering-sites are not numerous and are limited to the northern part of the region : Western Hainaut, the Dyle valley, the Gembloux area. Some birds wander farther south, but they do not cross the Ardennes plateau. In Hainaut, the Hooded Crow visits mainly fields, while elsewhere it generally concentrates in wet valleys, near ponds or on refuse dumps. It does not to mingle with Crows. The arrivals occur in the second half of October. During the winter, the number of birds first does not much fluctuate, then decreases from February to April; exceptionally, some birds stay longer.

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