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Aves, 18/1-2 | 1981 | 31-35

  Changes in the abnormal plumage of a Carrion Crow (Corvus corone).
Delmotte, C. & Doucet, J.

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Article summary

During banding operations, a young Carrion Crow showing an abnormal color pattern was found in a nest. The entire plumage was brownish pink, the nails and the tips of the mandibles were almost white. The bird was again seen in the area in September and observed there until April. The authors were thus able to note the changes which the plumage underwent and to record the bird's movements. Gradually the feathers turned dingy while, the bill and the legs black, the wing-coverts, which have been replaced during the first juvenile moult, i.e. before September, half-w ay between brown and black.

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