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Aves, 19/1 | 1982 | 1-12

  The Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) in Walloon country : state of populations and protective measures.
Hallet, C. & Doucet, J.

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Article summary

Brief synthesis of our present knowledge concerning distribution, ecology and ethology of the Kingfisher. Prominence is given to the state of the species in the Walloon country : in 1976, a year of great density, the nesting population south of the Sambre and Meuse valleys was estimated at 100-150 couples. Since then, unfavourable weather conditions have greatly reduced this number, whilst the degradation of the habitats necessary for this species is on the increase : water pollution, drainage schemes, tourisme, etc... Although protected by law, the Kingfisher is still persecuted by numerous fish-breeders, persecution which is even encouraged in recently published works. Action against water pollution, cessation of irresponsible drainage schemes and education of the public are recommended as protective measures of primary importance.