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Aves, 19/1 | 1982 | 23-35

  Details concerning nidification of Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) at Pailhe
De Liedekerke, R.

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Article summary

Summary : Since 1975 at least, Grey Heron have been nesting at Pailhe, in Condroz, and nidification has been followed since 1977. A total of 6 nests were occupied from one to five consecutive times, and at least 29 young were brought up. The number of nesting couples varied between two and three. This little colony is the only one known at present in the Walloon French speaking part of Belgium, the nearest other sites being in Brussels region; it is included in a general context of stabilisation, or even increase of nesting populations in Belgium and neighbouring countries (Great Britain, France, Netherlands). The question arise of knowing exactly what factors have prompted these Herons to settle in the Condroz, and what will be the future of this colony. Finally the various stages of nidification at Pailhe are described.