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Aves, 19/3 | 1982 | 167-181

  Nidification of the Shelduck (Tadorna tadorna) in West-Hainaut marshy complexes of Harchies-Hensies (Belgium) and Condé-Saint-Aybert (France).
Loison, M. & Godin, J.

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Article summary

Since 1974, the Shelduck has been nesting successfully in the marshy complexes of Harchies-Hensies or of Condé-on-Scheldt/Saint-Aybert. Only one pair nested during the last 8 years, except in 1979. Details observed by different authors in the coastal regions are partially confirmed in this inland sector. Nevertheless, a few differences concerning the zone where youngs were reared and the death rate, distinctly lower than that observed elsewhere, were brought to light. The increase in the number of fully-grown pairs present in the nidification period leads one to expect an increase in the number of nesting couples in this Western Hainaut zone.

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