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Aves, 20/4 | 1983 | 185-198

  Some aspects of the social behaviour of the Magpie (pica pica) in winter.
Guerriat, H.

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Article summary

Some aspects of the social behaviour of the Magpie (Pica pica) were studied in the Beaumont region (Hainaut, Belgium). The Magpie frequents roosts during a large part of the year, mainly outside the breeding season. These are spread more or less regularly over the region investigated, but their relative importance is fairly variable. The wooded nature of the roost itself does not seem to be of any importance. The plan life of the roost is young and dense coppice, a young picea, or exceptionally coppice with standards. The area of the roost is proportional to the number of magpies spending the night there with probably a slight influence of the coppice density. The occupation of the roost begins about three quarters of an hour before sunset and its influenced by weather conditions? On the whole it does not take very long. The time taken to complete occupation is comarable to that for normal distribution. The influence which the birds exert on one another may be the basis of this process. The roosts are mainly occupied between October and the first fortnight of April, with a maximum in January. Many of them have been used for at least seven years.

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