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Aves, 21/1 | 1984 | 1-7

  Penduline Tit (Remiz pendilinus) at Zétrud-Lumay (Brabant) and evolution of the species status in Belgium and the Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg.
Diederich, J. & Lafontaine, R.-M.

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Article summary

Synthesis of belgian and grand-ducal observations on Penduline Tits. The species is becoming a migrator there, observed annually during the two passages. Between the end of September and the end of October 1983, 48 Pendulie Tits were ringed at Remerschen (L) and birds were seen in three locations in Belgium, particularly 10 examples at Zétrud-Lumay. The wintering zone woult be in France, as indicated by the recapture in Charente-Maritime of a ringed Pendulie migrating towards the Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg.

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