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Aves, 21/2 | 1984 | 65-77

  Status of Ring Ouzel (Trudus torquatus) in Wallonia and Brabant.
Van Der Elst, D.

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Article summary

Four hundred and twelve observations, totalling 906 birds, and carried out in Wallonia and Brabant between 1920 and 1983 were examined. Turdus t. torquatus is a regular migrator, but not very numerous, observed in all regions, but especially on the Ardennes plateaux, also in Famenne and Brabant, in open habitats. The species is mainly observed in springtime, the passage of the females is a little later and is particularly less conspicuous than that of the males. The data after 15 May were concentrated in the extreme east of country, in zones of an altitude of around 600 m. A few cases of nesting or temporary residence have been noted during these last fifteen years, but nesting has not been confirmed after 1976. The status of the species in the Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg and results ringing are also dealt with, together with the problem of the possible appearance in Belgium of the sub-species T. t. alpestris.

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