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Aves, 21/2 | 1984 | 78-89

  The Melodious Warbler (Hippolais polyglotta) in Wallonia in 1983.
Jacob, J.-P. & Paquay, M.

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Article summary

In 1983, the Melodious Warbler continued to increased in Wallonia : 27 sightings with a total of at least 17 nesting pairs in all. The progression was most notable in Famenne-Calestienne and locally in Lorraine (Latour). The habitats occupied are principally waste lands and quarries overgrown with brushwoods, new growths of copse-wood after forest tree cutting, and young plantations. The birds do not stay longer than three months (14 May to 11 August); the youngs leave the nest during the period 5th July to the beginning of August.

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