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Aves, 21/3 | 1984 | 129-142

  Migration of the Crane (Grus grus) in Wallonia from 1966 to 1983.
De Liedekerke, R.

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Article summary

The spring and autumn passages of the Crane in Wallonia between 1966 and 1983 were studied from the data recorded on the card-index of the "Centrale ornithologiques Aves" (COA) - which encompasses some 215.000 noted birds. It was found that the period of the spring passage has not changed fromp that which was noted as long ago as the beginning of the century, with a maximum between the 10th and 20th of March. On the other hand, the autumn passage tends to take place later, in November, the December records becoming more and more regular. One case of wintering, at least partial, was noted in 1979-80. The overall total of the autumn passage is 2.9 times that of the spring passage, the pricipale reason being apparently a spirng flyway displaced towards the south-east.

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