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Aves, 21/3 | 1984 | 143-158

  The migration of the Crane (Grus grus) in autumn 1982 over the Southern part of Belgium.
Peero, M., De Liedekerke, R. & Blondlet, A.

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Article summary

Migration was particularly important in autumn 1982, both by the number of references to birds observed and by the dispersion of the groups over the whole of the region under consideration - reflex of a drift towards the west, which in fact affected all Western Europe. The remarkable afflux between 5 and 7 November is explained as being due to a strong anticyclone in the South of Scandinavia, with a fall in temperature and progressive increase in speed of a south-east wind, driving the Cranes towards the coast. Daily, and even hourly maps, enable the progress of the birds across Wallonia to be followed.

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