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Aves, 22/2 | 1985 | 89-106

  Whiskered and White-winged Black Terns in Belgium. A reminder of identification criteria.
Peero, M., Michiels, G. & Jacob, J.-P.

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Article summary

The appreciable increase in sightings of Whiskered Terns (Chlidonias hybridus) and White-winged Black Terns (C. leucopterus) in Belgium over a period of twenty years would appear to warrant a revision of their status as given in Avifaune de Belgique (1967). This articles carries out a synthesis of all available particulars, and analyses the phenological differences in the passage of the two species. The origin of Belgian birds is discussed. The Whiskered Tern may be considered as an annual visitor in very small numbers from May to July, and an occasional visitor from August to October. The White-winged Tern is an occasional visitor in May-June, and a annual visitor in very small numbers from July to October. Identification criteria are given, with supporting photographs.

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