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Aves, 22/2 | 1985 | 107-114

  Recent evolution of status of Sand Martin (Riparia riparia) in begian Lorraine.
Pierre, P.

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Article summary

Counts of Sand Martins colonies were carried out in belgian Lorraine in 1983 and 1984. With regard to previous one undertaken in 1972 and 1973, a common phenomenon was noted - colonies exchanged abandonned sand-quarries for working quarries. The number of colonies occupied in 1983 showed a decrease of 30 % as compared with 1972-73, although the number of pairs had icreased by nearly 40 %. On the other hand, in 1984, the population registered a decrease of 44 %, while the number of colonies had decreased by half. Taking into account the characteristics of the Lorraine colonies, it would appear that this decrease should be attributed to the bad weather conditions which the Sand Martins haven to confront these last two years, especially in their winter quarters in the Sahel.

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