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Aves, 22/3 | 1985 | 153-168

  The Fieldfare in Wallonia. Recent progress and choice of reproductive territories.
Leprince, P.

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Article summary

Since its first nesting occurence in Belgium, the Fieldfare (Turdus pilaris) has extended its range to a great portion of the country and is still expanding further. A Survey organized by the Centrale Ornithologique Aves in 1982, together with some data from 1983 and 1984, makes it possible to delineate the breeding range of the Fieldfare in Wallonia and to define the caracteristics of the nestings areas. The breeding range now covers most of Wallonia south the Sambre and Meuse rivers and extends in Hesbaye toward Brabant. A complete census in a delimited area of 718 km2 in the Ardenne allows an interpolation of about 10.000 nesting pairs for the whole walloon breeding range. The Fieldfare nests most of the time in colonies of 5 to 20 pairs but limited generally to 2 or 3 pairs in the newly occupied areas. Densely forested areas are avoided : more than 90% of the colonies are located immediately in the vicinity of pasture. The nests are built over tall trees at forest edge, in orchards, along tree alignements (also in cities) or in poplar plantations in Hesbaye. The different conclusions brotight by this study are discussed with respect to the european status of this specie.

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