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Aves, 22/3 | 1985 | 169-174

  Food consumed by the Barn Owl (Tyto alba) and evolution of the status of small mammals in an agricultural region.
Delmée, E.

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Article summary

Summary : Analysis of three lots of rejection-pellets from Barn Owls (Tyto alba) (in all, 1167 items of prey identified), collected in 1941-42, 1950-51 and 1982-84 from the bell-tower of Celles-en-Hainaut church, in an agricultural region of Central Belgium. The results are compared with the average recently established by Libois for Central Belgium. The diffrences appearing in the food consumed by these Barn Owls over an interval of 40 years enable the evolution of certain small mammals to be demonstrated : decrease in numbers of both Water and White-toothed shrews and disappearance of the Black Rat in favour of the Brown Rat.

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