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Aves, 23/1 | 1986 | 34-44

  Causes of mortality of Ardeidae at egg and nestling stages.
Franchimont, J.

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Article summary

This article reviews the various causes of mortality among ardeidae, and especially of Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis) at egg and nestling stages. The action of predators (principally corvidae) and bad weather conditions, the disastrous effects of which are greatly accentuated by human disturbance, are the main reasons for the mortality at egg and very young nesting stages. Asynchronous hatching is indirectly the fundamental cause of death of average aged nestlings, by causing right from the beginning an inequality between youngs of the same brood, with the consequence that the last to be hatched may possibly die of inanition. Finally, older nestlings are frequently killed accidentally by falling from the trees when staying among the branches.

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