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Aves, 23/2 | 1986 | 121-134

  Outline of the situation of the Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis) in North Africa within the context of the world-wide expansion of this species.
Franchimont, J.

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Article summary

The Cattle Egret is of Indo-Africal faunal origin, and over the last few decades has shown a veritable world-wide geographical expansion reaching as far as America, Europe and the South Sea Islands. The history and the routes of this expansion are studied in detail in this article. For example, the species has been present in North Africa at least since the beginning of the 19th century; it has become very abundant in Morocco and a recent astronomical expansion has also been observed. In all places newly conquered by the Cattle Egret, an enormous numerical increase of populations was noted. The possible causes for the world-wide geographical expansion of the species are rapidly reviewed.

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