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Aves, 24/1 | 1987 | 1-18

  The Lesser Redpolls (Carduelis flammea cabaret) nesting in the Fagnes Heights region - results of census in 1985 and 1986.
Schmitz, L.

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Article summary

Contrary to the case in the adlointing countries where the Lesser Redpoll (Carduelis flammea cabaret) is in full expansion, the nesting population in the Walloon country remians localised in the Fagnes Heights and its effective numbers are in decline, a situation very probably linked with the practice of netting in or near the nesting zones. In 1986, 40-50 songsters were sighted in the Fagnes Heights. The biotopes occupied were young spruce - 1(2) - 5(7) m -, heath in process of reforestation, fallow land, hedges, ... on the outskirts of villages. During the massive fructificatios of the Epicea, an influx of the sub-species cabaret was noted : in 1975, 1981 and 1985, the Walloon effective exceeded 200(250) pairs (about 70 % of which were in the Fagnes heights). The choice of habitat, the phenology of reproduction and the feeding habits were modified : more than 50 % of the Lesser Redpolls produced an early (first ?) brood in spruce far from the zones recolonised by willow which had provided basic food during this same period of the other years.

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