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Aves, 24/1 | 1987 | 19-33

  Status of Red-necked Grebe (Prodiceps grisegena), Slavonian Grebe (Prodiceps auritus) and Black-necked Grebe (Prodiceps nigricollis) in Walloon country and Brabant.
Van Der Elst, D.

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Article summary

This study describes the status of the three rare grebes in the Walloon contry and in Brabant. The Red-necked Grebe has become the most common : it is principally sighted from August to March, with peak periods in August and February. The Slavonian Grebe is definitely more of a winter visitor and is the rarest of the three. The Black-necked Grebe is present all the year round and the number of sightings in spring and winter is on the increase, and so is the number of nestbuilding instances.

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