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Aves, 24/2 | 1987 | 49-63

  Present position of the Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) in Belgium and adjoining regions.
Gee, L.H. & Weiss, J.

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Article summary

The important diminution in numbers of the Eagle OWl(Bubo bubo) noted since the end of the last century in Western Europe, was the origin during the last twenty years of attempts to reintroduce the species in several countries. In particular, massive releases carried out in the German Federal Republic were responsible for the reappearance of the species in frontier regions of Belgium, France, the Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg and even the Netherlands - regions where the species had never before nested (Netherlands) or had not nested for over fifty years; Wild populatios are now developping again in these regions according to the present possibilities of resettlement, especially the increase of disused quarries available. The present study analyses the reinstallation of the Eagle Owl in Belgium and adjoining regions and indicates an increasing population, at the beginning of 1987, for all the zone under consideration, of at least 26 sites occupied with 16 breeding pairs. It describes summarily the choice of habitat and feeding and also the present menaces which threaten this new population.

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