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Aves, 24/4 | 1987 | 177-208

  Avifauna nesting in deciduous forests in the Fagne and in Ardenne between the Sambre and Meuse.
Timmers, J.-F.

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Article summary

Census was taken by point-counts (IPA) of the avifauna in the oak-woods in the Fagne and in the Ardenne between the Sambre and Meuse. Two ten-minutes counts were carried out in each of the 67 points, the first in April, the second in June; forty-six mesting species were counted. The analysis of the results dealt with the use of different strata by the birds and on the distribution of these latter in different sites involved : comparisons between the Ardenne and the Fagne, between the five principal phyto-sociological associations represented and between four structural units (thinly planted forest of fully-grown trees, average coppice, old coppice and varied forest). The results showed that the avifauna of these forests is very comparable to those of other European oak-woods treated as coppice with standards. More particularly, it will be seen that a pair of crested Tits was nesting, far from all conifers, and especially the presence of a population of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in the variable humidity of the Fagne forest, possibly linked with that of the very high aspen. On the other hand, the abundance bush species will be noted and the rarety or absence of ols forest ones, doubtless explained by the treatment applied to these forests (small tress with few cavities, numerous recent cuttings of coppice).

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