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Aves, 25/1 | 1988 | 16-20

  Nesting of Yarrelli's White Wagtail (Motacilla alba yarrellii) in Walloon country : clarification in 1986.
Schmitz, L.

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Article summary

Two instances are quoted in literature of Yarelli's White Wagtail nesting in the Walloon country (COOPMAN 1921 and LECLERCQ in LEPRINCE 1984). The first one (Polleur - beginning of the century ?), both vague and doubtful, must be rejected; In the second case (Warcoing - 1983) it could not be proved that the female actually belonged to the yarellii sub-species (to which she was phenotypically very close, aminimum status of hybrid being accorded her) neither could the paternity be proved by a male yarrellii present on site. On the other hand, two other cases must be taken into consideration : the first is the hybridization of a bigamous male yarrellii in 1978 at Goé; the second a probable hybridization (female yarrellii with beakful) in 1985 at Warcoing. A final finding (Escanaffles - 1985) cannot be appreciated due to lack of information (yet to be submitted to the Homological Commission).

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