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Aves, 25/3-4 | 1988 | 183-189

  Actual status of Black Stork (Ciconia nigra) in the Walloon country.
Pierre, P.

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Article summary

Since the end of the XIXth century the Black Stork in Belgium had merely the status of an irregular migrator, mainly in the eastern part of the country. From 1970 onwards, sightings tended to become regular and then started to increase. Ever since the beginning of the nineteen-eighties repeated sightings in several limited regions of Ardenne, from April-May to July-August, first of adults, then of adults acompanied by youngs, were sufficient tp presume that the Black Stork in the Walloon country no doubt owes its origin to the increase in centre-east European populations, and can be considered as coming within the sphere of an implantation which also affects France, the Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg and Eifel.

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