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Aves, 26/3-4 | 1989 | 137-158

  The reappearance of nesting Eagle Owls (Bubo bubo) in Wallonia. Its reintroduction in Western Europe.
Doucet, J.

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Article summary

The 1982 and 1983 nestings of the Eagle Owl are the first observed in belgium in the three-quarters of a century. Two pairs occupied sites some five Km apart. At least seven, and possibly nine, youngs were fledged. During the breeding period, the discretion of the birds was striking. Several distinct calls were heard. Some notes on feeding were made. There are comments on the disappearance of the species in Western Europe and the history and methods of reintroduction, principally in the Federal German Republic; Without going so far as to deny the obvious, the spirit of the text is to review and qualify the widespread impression thaht the Eagle Owl entirely disappeared from our regions and has came back uniquely to reintroductions. Another tendancy is to consider, wrongly, the reintroduced birds as diminished subsitutes. The numerous observations and facts about them are reassuring : their basic behaviour remains intact and the genetic guarantee acceptable.

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