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Aves, 27/4 | 1990 | 209-244

  Avifauna of the unwooded areas of the Marche-en-Famenne military camp.
Van Der Elst, D. & Van Der Elst, M.D.N.

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Article summary

The Marche-en-Famenne military camp in existance since 1974 covers 2,000 ha of which 1,000 ha consist of open country. The later constitute an avifauna study area which is remarkably rich from the region stand-point : Corncrake (4 singing males), Nightjar (3 singing males), Wood Lark (12 territories), Stonechat (46 couples), Melodious Warbler (16 couples), Great Grey Shrike (14 couples) and Red-backed Shrike (30 couples). The quoted figures are the maxima for the study period. The habitats are described and the analysis tries to understand why tg-he favourable evolution in the camp and the high population level contrast so distinctly with the situation elsewhere in Famenne and even with Wallonia as a whole.

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