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Aves, 28/1 | 1991 | 23-32

  Synthesis of sightings of Divers at the Eau d'Heure dam.
Coppée, J.-L.

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Article summary

Divers at the Eau d'Heure dam have been observed 2è times (totalling 40 ex.) over the period 197!-89. The increase in sightings since 1984-85 can be explained by a more regular prospection and an improvement in the means of determination. Nevertheless the tradition of stay-over of some rare individuals cannot be cpmpletely removed. The maximum frequency of arrivals in November and December would indicate that this habitat constitutes a migratory staging-post for sometimes extended stays. Two cases of over-wintering stays, extremely rare in Belgium, were noted in 1982-83 (Black-throated Divers) and in 1988-89 (Red-throated Divers).

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