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Aves, 29/1 | 1992 | 1-36

  The Nutcracker (Nucifraga caryocatactes) in the Belgian Ardennes. Rnge, Population and biogeographical habitat.
Bulteel, G.

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Article summary

The author explains the results of his research into the Nutcracker in the Belgian Ardennes for the period 1976-1990. Most of the research was carried out in the castern part the Ardennes, an area inhabited by the majority of the population resulting from the 1968 invasion. These birds are found in spruce plantation stands and, like other European Nutcrackers, depend on hazel for food. The total population was estimated at least 180 pairs, 75 % of wich inhabit the high eastern Ardennes. Two-thirds of their territories are found at altitudes over 500 meters. Excepting a colonisation of some periferal sectors, populations and ranges have not significantly varied since 1975. The Ardennes population probably belong to the European subspecies "caryocatactes". The Author makes particular reference to his own observations of the two subspecies in North-ern Europe and to the existance of a North-westerly spread of Central European populations.

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