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Aves, 29/3-4 | 1992 | 113-136

  Evolution in numbers and habitats of the Little Ringed Plover (Charadius dubius) in Wallonia and the Brussels Region.
Jacob, J.-P. & Fouarge, J.-P.

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Article summary

The Little Ringed Plover was, until the '40s, an irregular breeder in Wallonia and the Province of Brabant. From 1950 onwards, and in parallel with industriel development, its progression has been rapid in the Brussels Region, Middle Belgium and along the Meuse and Sambre river valleys. The Belgian Lorraine was colonised from 1975, the "Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse" from 1979 and the remaining parts of the Belgian Highlands from 1981. This population was recorded in 1983 (see Table 2, and details of sites at annex), then re-appraised at the end of the deccenium bearing in mind data collected in 1987-91 (sec annex); figures give 100 to 160 pairs strong wich represent 20% of Belgian populations. All habitats are artificiel (Table 4); they are unconnected with the hydrographical network and consiste mainly, of slag heaps, stretches of carboniferous schist, decantation reservoirs, runoff reservoirs, drained lakes, gravel pits and quarries. Some sites form part of nature reserves; others, which will be no longer worked, are the subject of preservation proposals.