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Aves, 29/3-4 | 1992 | 155-176

  The Swallow (Hirundo rustica) in Belgium : a study of passage and returning birds for breeding.
Vasteenwegen, C.

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Article summary

Summary : Taking into account the 3,800 data collected over the period 1966-85 by Aves recorders, an attempt has been made to determine the main trends in Belgium concerning passage and returning birds for breeding. The first spring sighting, probably a local breeder, was, on average, 18th March; but this annual "first" is distinct from the following seven arrivals, on average, 27th March. The first breeder installed in its breeding site is mentioned as being, on average, 30th March, i.e. long before migration is mentioned by recorders. This is indicated as being between 15th and 23rd April, every other year, with the majority returning between 15th and 21st April, four out of five years. The autumn passage begins at the end of August. Usual dates for this passage are between 15th and 18th September with fewer variants than for the spring passage. The author ends by discussing the merits of data stored in a retrieval system of this kind.