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Aves, 30/1 | 1993 | 1-16

  The Status of the Water Pipit (Anthus spinoletta) in Wallonia.
Van Der Elst, D.

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Article summary

The status of the Water Pipit in Belgium was relatively unknown until the beginning of the '80s; it was considered to be a migrant and regular winter visitor in very small numbers, and then only locally. It was during the heavy winter influx of 1983/84 that many observers became aware of this discreet species, and a survey was organised for the winters 1984/85 and 1985/86. It then became apparent that the species was much more widespread and abundant than hitherto believed. Numbers wintering in Wallonia must reach 1000 under normal circumstances but are lower during cold spells. The Water Pipit was recorded for most regions but does not seem to have wintered regularly and in numbers in the valleys of the Dyle, the Haine and the Pays de Herve. The Belgian Lorraine seems to have been visited mainly at migration times. It would appear, above all, that this species which was believed to be exclusively linked to the edges of open water and streams including marshy pastures, is an assiduous visitor to meadows and fields for feeding, and uses reedbeds and small pockets of lowlying wet sites as dormitories.

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