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Aves, 30/1 | 1993 | 17-30

  Census of anatidae, Rallidae and Grebes nesting in the Brussels Region in 1992.
Fouarge, J.-P. & Jacob, J.-P.

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Article summary

The results of a waterfowl census carried out in Brussels during 1992 are given in Tab. 1. Numbers of many species are stable or progressing - strongly, in the case of exotic anatidae, or waning as sites reach saturation point for indigenous species like the Great Crested Grebe -. The Little Grebe, the Pochard and Tufted Duck remain rare. Many species show very low reproduction rates which could be caused by predation (Coot, Moorhen) or competition with excess of adult males (Mallard). The effects of people feeding the birds and the carcteristics of sites limiting the nesting of breeding birds are discussed.

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