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Aves, 30/2 | 1993 | 81-93

  Research on natural cavities favourable to the Tengmalm's Owl (Aegolius funereus) in High Ardenne.
Sorbi, S. & Hupperetz, J.

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Article summary

A search for natural cavities was made among the deciduous trees of 2 woodland areas in High Ardenne mainly composed of spruces and covering 3.400 ha. Only 161 holes of more than 5 cm diameter were found in 88 trees. However, only 77 of them, distributed in 28 trees could be used by the Tengmalm's Owl. Most of them were old Black Woodpecker's nests. Furthermore, the fact that 90% of the cavities are distributed in clusters reduces the possibility of the species breeding to 7 pairs in these two areas. This explains the small number of nestings in natural sites (3 in the study area, 11 outside between 1988 and 1993), white nestboxes have been massively occupied during the same period. A long-term preservation policy in favour of the Tengmalm's Owl requires urgent action : keeping uncut all the trees with holes.