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Aves, 30/2 | 1993 | 95-103

  Density and distribution of Dippers (Cinclus cinclus) in the basin of the Belgian High Meuse.
Vangeluwe, D., Bulteau, V., Dineur, H. & Rifflet, M.

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Article summary

The population of Dippers along rivers Samson, Bocq, Crupet, Burnot, Molignée, Flavion and Fond de Leffe was counted in the course of spring 1991 and 1992. On the prospected 77.5 km river network, 56 pairs were localised, giving a average value of 7.2 pairs per 10 km section. This result is relatively high compared with litterature data's. Density can vary according to the river : from 4.9 to 13 territories per 10 km section. This variation is influenced by environment (water quality, habitat physionomy) of the different rivers. In the study area, chemical pollution risks and habitat degradation (public works and stream management in private lands) represent major threats to river ecosystem preservation.