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Aves, 31/2-4 | 1994 | 65-186

  Overview of the colourmaking programs of birds with colourrings, neckings and wingtags in Europe.
Flamant, R.

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Article summary

This overview comprises the majority of the colourmarking programs of birds in Belgium and Europe. It has been nearly exclusively elaborated with recent information which has been obtained between October 1993 and December 1994 from the ornithologists or the institutions in charge of these colourmarking programs. When possible, the description of each program contains the following elements : concerned species, aim of the program, study area, amount of marked birds, kind of markings used and percentage of sightings. Some programs are illustrated with sightings, which preferably toock place in Belgium. Finally, an address will allow the reader to send his observations or to obtain some complementary information. The species which are easier and more likely to be seen in Belgium, are treated more in detail. Any complementary information, about new and/or updated programs, sent to the author will be mostly appreciated.

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