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Aves, 32/2-3 | 1995 | 73-99

  Populations and reproduction of the Little Owl (Athene noctua) in the province of Hainaut (Belgium). Protection and restoration of habitats.
Coppée, J.-L., Bultot, J. & Hanus, B.

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Article summary

The populations of the Little Owl were followed since 1988 in four different areas of south-east Hainaut. A first area (zone 1), north-east of Charleroi, comprises extensive agricultural land, with a destructive regrouping of parcels. Pastures are more prominent around Anderlues (zone 2), Thuin (zone 3) and Beaumont (zone 4). Breeding sites include remnants of high-stem orchards, pollard trees, old farm buildings, and cattle shelters within pastures. Densities were 1 to 1.7 territories per km2 in 1989 (Table 1). The nests contained an average (for 1988-93) of 3.5 hatchlings and 2.6 fledgelings. Mortality factors and conservation measures are presented, as well as the results of a nestbox-operation, and the description of a new model of nestbox especially adapted for the Little Owl.

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