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Aves, 32/2-3 | 1995 | 133-143

  On the second brood of the Red-backed Shrike (Lanius collurio).
Van Nieuwenhuyse, D. & Iweins, B.

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Article summary

Shrike's second broods are probably more frequent than usually thought, but are difficult to prove. On the one hand, replacement clutches are frequent, when the first one has failed. That -means that the period during which the youngs leave the nest is quite long. Therefore, observing youngs still under their parental watch late in the season should net lead to conclude to a second brood. The examination of 12 published cases, and of other two followed in 1993 by the authors, shows that the youngs from a 2nd brood can leave the nest relatively early. This 2nd brood can even start before the youngs from the 1st one have left the, nest (sequential reproduction). On the other hand, adults become very discreet once the youngs from the 1st brood have left the nest, even if they have begun a second brood. Good weather conditions as well as abondant food probably favour the second brood but the scarce information on the subject does not permit to have a precise idea of their real importance.

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