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Aves, 32/4 | 1995 | 177-206

  Recent observations of Dotterels (Charadrius morinellus) in Wallonie. Status of the species in Belgium and notes on its habits and identification.
Rousseau, J.S.

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Article summary

From 1992 to 1995, Dotterels were observed regularly in Hainaut on autumn passage, whereas the species had hitherto been considered irregular in Wallonie. In 1994, groups stopped over on several occasions (at leat 92 birds in all) at one site, in cultivation. In 1995, only 2 birds were seen there. The paper describes those recent observations and puts them into context with a summary of all data in Belgium (numbers seen over the years, timing, location, size of groups, habitats ... ). Dotterels are irregular spring migrants, being reported mainly from the costal rgion, but are more regular in autumn when they are reported from all arcas of intensive cultivation north of the Meuse River. Numbers as important as those noted in Belgium in 1994 have rarely been mentioned in neighbouring European countries. It is possible the species bas been under-recorded. Notes on the species's habits and identification are presented in the hope that observs will pay more attention to this migrant.

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