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Aves, 32/4 | 1995 | 207-218

  First breeding record of the Black-necked Grebe (Podiceps nigricollis) in the Province of Namur, related to the situation elsewhere in Belgium.
Nef, B.

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Article summary

This article quotes the first breeding record of Black-necked Grebe in the province of Namur, on a sttling pond of a sugar factory at Longchamps/Eghezée. This event is discussed in the context of the evolution in the other Belgian provinces (Table 1). From year to year the species shows abrupt fluctuations related to the population dynamics and to the variations of the quality of the breeding sites. Moreover, the species breeds more and more frequently on industrial sites, whereas oligotrophic ponds were the usual breeding habitat in Belgium (Fig. 2). This could provide the grebe with a richer and more stable breeding place. This volution, also obvious in the French departments of Nord / Pas-de-Calais (Table 2), is probably related to the recent settlement of new colonies of Black-headed Gulls.

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