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Aves, 34/1 | 1997 | 51-54

  Historical and biogeographical aspects of the distribution of some water birds in France and in Belgium.
Vasteenwegen, Ch.

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Article summary

Multivariate techniques were applied on the French and Belgian Breeding birds atlases to identify species assemblages. In France, a group of 18 water birds species was associated to the largest wet areas. Instead, in Belgium, some of these species were restricted to the Kempen, in association with several terrestrial species. Besides we identified in Belgium an assemblage of more widespread water birds (Fig. 1). Long term trends in species distribution of the French assemblage were examined in relation to climate (Fig. 2). No correlation between species was found. This suggest that either the climate did not play a major role in the observed trends or acted differently on each species of the assemblage. Consequently, the water birds assemblage is not stable on a long term.

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