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Aves, 34/2 | 1997 | 97-108

  Winter surveys of water birds in Wallonia and in brussels : 1996-97.
Jacob, J.-P. et Loly, P.

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Article summary

The December-January could wave that marked 1996-97 winter brough vast numbers of water birds to our region where the waters were ice-free, particularly in the Meuse bassin. The results of the counts are given in tables 1-3. As in 1995-96, several species, such as Cormorant, Goosander, Smew, Pochard, Tutfed Duck, Goldeneye and Coot were recorded in exceptionally high numbers. Other species too were more numerous than usual in Wallonia and in Brussels (Bittern, Mute and Whooper Swan, Mallard, etc.). In contrast, Wigeon and some other species were present only in very small numbers.

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