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Aves, 34/3 | 1997 | 143-156

  Contribution to the study of the Buzzard (Buteo buteo) in Belgium : mortality and movements.
Del Marmol, P.

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Article summary

The results of the recoveries of buzzards ringed in Belgium are analysed up to 1993. Their living probabilities seem to vary following that the population is young or more aged. If the buzzards are mostly faithfull to their territory, a dispersion (between 50 and 100 Km) of about 40 % is observed between August and October and of about 25 % for the rest of the year (excepting May and June); A 6 % winter migration is estimated. In winter one observes an increase of population issued mostly from Denmark, Sweden and north Germany, as well as a few individuals from more eastern origin; this is confirmed by the results of buzzards ringed abroad and found in Belgium.

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