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Aves, 34/4 | 1997 | 185-194

  The Hazel Grouse (Bonasa bonasia) in Western Ardennes : habitat, conservation measures and integration in a forestry management.
Sieux, J.-S. & Delvingt, W.

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Article summary

The population of the Hazel Grouse has been declining for several decades in the Ardennes region and in the surroundings areas, largely as a result of the disappearance of copses (simple or standards). Intensive forestry and hunting management have eliminated the thick diverse understorey necessary for the species. Recent field surveys in western Ardennes have shown that the species requires a high diversity and density of understorey shrubs, for feeding purposes as well as protection against predators and bad weather. Measures have to be taken if the species is to survive in this country, especially the maintenance of low thickets in areas where traditinal forestry does not pay.

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