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Aves, 35/3-4 | 1998 | 171-181

  Proven successful breeding of Golden Plover (Pluvialis apricaria) in Wallonia.
Ghiette, P.

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Article summary

In 1997, a Golden Plover's nest with four eggs was found fortuitously in the Hautes-Fagnes nature reserve in Belgium. The eggs hatched but no youngs were found subsequently. the adults were of the southern pale form. The following year, a pair was present from early April to early May in a meadow located 3 Km from the 1997 site, but no breeding attempt was detected. In 1999, following observations in the same meadow in April, a search around the 1997 site lead to the discovery, on June 14th, of two chicks aged between 8 and 15 days. Those were not found later. These are the first breeding occurences of Golden plovers in Wallonia since the beginning of the century. At that time, irregular breeding occured until 1910. Thus the Hautes-Fagnes become the southernmost breeding location for this species in Europe.

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