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Aves, 35/3-4 | 1998 | 183-188

  Settlings and breeding of Tengmalm's Owls (Aegolius funereus) in Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg and in the north-east of Bastogne (Belgium).
Sorbi, S. & Molitor, B.

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Article summary

During spring 1996, Tengmalm's Owl male singers were heard, at first in Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg, at the Belgian border, secondly in Belgium, in a nearby fronteer zone with Luxemburg. In 1998 & 1999, male singers were heard again, this time only in Belgian territory, and a just flewn-away brood was discovered in 1999. These observations are interesting for two main reasons. They may announce a first breedig of Tengmalm's Owl in the Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg. The unexepected discovery of individuals in the periphery of the recorded breeding area, in less characteristical habitat, may explain, at least partly, the regular discovery of new individuals within the already known nesting population.

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